This is where you sign up for your Florida
CCW License. Carry Concealed  Weapon
NRA Class at The Gun place
4699 N. Federal Hwy Pompano Beach FL 33064
Suite 101B Phone# 954-615-7456
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Florida Division of Licensing
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$70.00 for one person.
Discount for 2 or more that sign
up at one time.
The cost is now $60.00 per person.
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The Best Place to get your CCW in Broward
County Florida
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The Gun Place, For Your Carry Permit
    The Gun Place is a family-owned and operated business established in 2008.  We started our business doing the local circuit
of handgun and firearm shows and exhibitions.  The positive customer response we received led us to

expand our business. 954-615-7456
Feel the power, Get the power, Enjoy the power,,
get your license to Carry a Concealed Weapon. Classes are $70.00 for one person, For two or more $60.00
Buy a gun and get your NRA gun Class for $25.00. Take your NRA gun class here and get your First gun transfer Free!
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