Bushmaster Custom Shop (BCS) was Incorporated in
August 2007 after a need in the marketplace was
identified for high quality, super accurate, custom
rifles. As a result of trying to fulfill this need in the
marketplace, Bushmaster Firearms International,
the largest manufacturer of AR-15 style rifles in the
U.S., formed a joint venture with Iron Brigade
Armory (IBA) in Jacksonville, NC whose products are
legendary for extreme accuracy and reliability. IBA’s
weapons are sought after by many, but production
is limited. Re-sale of Chandler Rifles always seems
to bring more than the original customer invested.
IBA’s ability to forward think the needs of the
market ensures the customer receives a state of the
art rifle with reliability as the number one goal.
It is the mission of the Bushmaster Custom Shop to
bring the same quality of weapon, to a few more customers.
As a result of the joint venture, Norman Chandler Jr.,VP
of IBA was dually promoted to CEO - Bushmaster Custom
Shop and in turn recruited a team that draws on the vast
experiences of former personnel of the Law Enforcement
and Military communities. All weapons are designed and
built, with the idea in mind, of withstanding the rigors of
field hunting or combat on any continent in the world.
Coupled with the past 29 years experience from Iron Brigade
Armory, Bushmaster Custom can produce the most accurate,
reliable, and highest quality weapons available, anywhere in
the world marketplace today.
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A truly revolutionary new
rifle—the HK SL8-6 is constructed
almost entirely of a reinforced
carbon-fiber polymer. Based on the
current combat-tested German Army
G36 rifle, the SL8-6 uses a proven
short stroke, piston-actuated gas
operating system, well known for
simplicity and reliability.
Designed and engineered to deliver
exceptional shooting performance,
the SL8-6 is already a favorite among
European rifle shooters, due in large
part to the many modular sighting
systems available. These modular
systems include extended and short
Picatinny rail mounts. The ergonomic
and clean lines of the HK SL8-6 are
functional and modern, giving the
SL8-6 the look and feel of 21st
century firearm.

Derived from the HK UMP, the USC
is a civilian utility carbine that uses
the classic hard-hitting .45 ACP
cartridge. Matched with the simple
and ultra-reliable blowback operating
system, the HK USC is a radical
departure from traditional firearms
designs. Extensive use of the same
durable, reinforced polymers used on
HK’s line of military and police arms
ensures light weight and durability.
And the highest grade of weapons steel
is used where it matters—in the cold
hammer forged target barrel and the
solidly-constructed bolt mechanism.
User ergonomics are not sacrificed.
The skeletonized buttstock is topped
with a comfortable rubber cheek rest
and recoil pad.
The web of the pistol grip is open for a comfortable shooting handhold.
Hard points locatedon the top and front of the receiver make attachment of optional Picatinny rails easy,
allowing almost any kind of sighting system or accessory to be mounted.
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