Carrying a concealed weapon

  It's all about you and your family and the ones you Love.
Shooting a gun is a sport, just like any other sport, it has competition clubs, meetings and members.
There are over
5 Million People that belong to the NRA, National Rifle Association.
Learning how to shoot
a Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun is all part of the experience.
At the Gun Place,you get Hands on Experience with real Guns in a Class Room with an NRA Instructor.
Your instructor will teach you how to handle a Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun and will stay with you all the way from start to finish.
Give us a
call 954-615-7456 and get the Experience of a Lifetime.
Learn to Defend yourself and the ones you Love.

The 5 Hr course is called NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting - Phase 2

Step 1. NRA Power Point Presentation
Step 2. The NRA Instructor will go over Power Point Presentation with you and make sure that you understand the material.
Step 3. You will learn that every Gun is treated like it is loaded.
Step 4 .You will learn Never to take anyone's word, if he or she says it is not loaded. You will learn to Check it yourself.
Step 5. You will learn about site alignment and site picture
Step 6. You will learn to hold your breath while firing the shot.
Step 7. You will learn to clean and maintain the handgun & how to store it.
The NRA Instructor will go with you to the gun range to make sure you shoot the handgun in a safe manner.
It's all about Safety
You will Shoot at a Gun Range Not into a barrel like some Gun shops have you do!
Ccw, concealed carry weapon in 954,561,305
If your life Depends on it,
Buy a Glock!
They just work all the time.