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Training Ammo or self defense
Wolf 9mm FMJ 115gr

.223 Rem (5.56mm) 55gr FMJ (20)
In stock
Pistol Ammo 380 Auto 90 GR

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Pompano Beach Fl 33064
Manufacturer: SSI, Inc
9mm A box of 50
45acp 230gr FMJ (50)
Rds per box:20
Type 1:   Rifle Cartridges
Caliber:   308 Marlin

The 5.7x28mm ammunition has been designed to
bridge the gap between the 9mm ammunition and
the 5.56 x 45mm. Designed to operate in the FNH
USA Five-Seven Handgun and the PS-90 Semi-Auto
Carbine. The 9mm FMJ round will not penetrate well
and the 5.56mm (.223 Rem.) rifle ammunition creates
over-penetration concerns. Loaded with a 40-grain
V-Max bullet. Per 50. Ammo in Stock $21.95 box of 50
Super-X High Brass Game
Loads 12Ga 2.75"
1 1/4 ounce #8 Shot (25 per Box
1 BOX OF 20
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All Prices Are Subject To Change
All Prices Are Subject To Change